Barista Station for portafilter, tamper, brushes and coffee accessories

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Color: Black

Discover the FLATE® Barista Stand: your holder for portafilters, tampers, milk frothing pitchers, coffee brushes, and barista accessories. The optimal solution to perfectly organize your coffee corner! Especially designed for coffee enthusiasts with limited space, it's the perfect companion for your daily coffee routine. This shelf is an absolute must-have that sets new standards for organizing your coffee corner, eliminating the need for wall mounting. Our shelf is designed to fit all common manufacturers, including E61 machines, Sage, De'Longhi, Bezzera, Rocket, and many more.

High-quality and sturdy
Powder-coated steel
Holder for portafilters and tampers
2 shelves for accessories
2 hooks for additional accessories
Magnetic oak wood strip
Ethically produced in the EU
Worldwide free shipping

FLATE® Barista Stand

The FLATE® Barista Stand is the ultimate solution for coffee enthusiasts with limited space, upper cabinets, or no option for wall mounting. This innovative coffee shelf is specially designed to organize your coffee corner while optimizing your barista workspace.

Brush holder

Small hook for items like a cleaning brush.

Brackets with anti-slip rubber coating

For portafilters and tampers of all kinds

Magnetic wooden bar

Made from natural oak. Easily removable for cleaning.

Storage for everyday needs

Ideal for a milk jug, scale, or tamper. Jugs up to a size of 0.55 litres can be easily taken out through the window.

Hidden accessory compartment

On the back, there's a small shelf for accessories not frequently used, such as a blind filter.

High quality &
solid material

Robust, anti-fingerprint
powder coating

Sustainable and fair
produced in the EU

Suitable for every
machine manufacturer

worldwide shipping

Compact yet spacious

Our FLATE® Barista Stand combines compactness with generous space utilisation. Despite being slightly smaller than our wall-mounted shelf, it provides enough room to conveniently organize your essential coffee tools. With its two holders, it's perfect for two portafilters or a portafilter and a tamper, ensuring everything you need is always within reach.


The shelf features a windowed area ideal for milk jugs and other tools. It also has a hidden shelf that is perfect for storing less frequently used tools. On the sides, there are also two notches, designed for hanging items like a cleaning brush.


The oiled oak wooden bar is not only visually appealing but also adjustable in position thanks to integrated magnets, serving as the perfect spacer for your portafilters.

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